What We Provide:

Patient Referral for Medical Tourism including tie-ups with hospitals

Heal '&' Bliss facilitates international patients in getting world class diagnosis and treatment facilities for all types of medical and surgical conditions. We provide services wherein there is no unnecessary waiting period and accommodation related hassle.
  • • Our Medical Board analyzes patient's reports to recommend best available treatment options and estimated cost free of charges, without any obligation.
  • • Patient is received at the airport by our dedicated executive and taken to the hospital or to the place of accommodation
  • • Pre- hospital consultations with doctor, hospital admission is facilitated by the Executive.
  • • Post treatment, our executive arranges all follow-up visits
  • • Assistance in acquiring medical visas
  • • Holistic treatment & alternative medical therapies like Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, Spa & Naturopathy are also available at competitive costs

We have gained accolades for offering medical care and wellness packages in Africa
Bringing doctors to Africa for providing treatment and training

To address the shortage and skewed distribution of skilled medical staff in Africa, we propose to bring accomplished doctors to the continent.
  • • This will improve the availability of the health workforce
  • • Training local doctors to encourage specialized expertise
  • • Collaboration for capacity-building
  • • Intensive sessions for operating on complex cases
  • • Post-operative care
Integrated Medical Management Solutions

We offer integrated solutions for healthcare system, hospital, clinic and medical facility equipment projects. Our objective is to optimise and adapt to individual requirements to employ medical equipment project solutions with maximum reliability, ease of maintenance, and featured technology.

We offer a wide range of services for medical equipment packages in everything - from advising and financing to logistics and commissioning.
    Areas of specialty in medical equipment include:
  • a) Medical equipment needs advisory
  • • Study, evaluation, supervision and analysis of optimal laboratory equipment package needs.
  • • Technology roadmaps

  • b) Equipment Solutions for healthcare turnkey projects
  • • Management, procurement, logistics, installation, commissioning and training of medical equipment
  • • Supplier database with over 300 manufacturers and distributors worldwide
  • • Integrated operations and facility management
  • • Warranty, maintenance and operational support

  • c) New and refurbished medical equipment
  • We deal in an extensive range of used and remodelled equipment and supply them only after testing on strict quality parameters by a team of highly trained service engineers and professionals. The services offered in this regard are:

  • • Sale of new, used and refurbished medical equipment, custom designed to suit client requirements.
  • • Budget world-wide domestic shipping and installation
  • • After sales service including equipment service, repair, annual safety checks and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs).
  • • Pharmaceuticals, surgical and lab consumables

  • d) A trusted choice for forming mutually beneficial partnerships in the areas of:
  • • Procurement of world class quality allopathic and ayurvedic drugs from India.
  • • Contract manufacturing with international standards
  • • Procurement of world class quality diagnostic reagents and lab consumables
  • • Procurement of world class quality surgical and consumables
  • • All kinds of veterinary medicines
Integrated Healthcare Technology

We provide complete healthcare IT solutions through:
  • • Information technology and medical equipment programs
  • • Comprehensive healthcare system, individual facility and room by room equipment plans.
  • • Budgetary pricing and timeline execution schedule
Training, Management, Maintenance Courses

Long-term training, management and maintenance courses
We assist government and non-government institutions to improve healthcare services through education and training. We facilitate our clients in acquiring medical degrees and diploma qualifications, skill development courses with Indian universities and institutions.

Medical camps: We organize specialty medical camps in various countries on distinct specialties such as ENT, Orthopaedics, Cardiac, Surgical, Gynaecology, IVF and Eye Camps.
Establishment of new diagnosis centres

Diagnosing an ailment and disorder at the earliest makes the treatment half done. We aim to support the development of quality health care facilities in setting up the diagnostic centers and hospitals. We bring in the latest world class technologies and equipment to make quality health care affordable and accessible to the common man.
  • • Consultancy services and expertise for setting up of hospital and diagnostic centers
  • • Best human resources to establish and run the healthcare institutions
  • • Upgrade and modernize the existing diagnostic centers and hospitals
  • • Training the manpower to upgrade their knowledge and skills
  • • Equipment studies and needs analysis
  • • Planning, design, implementation, construction, and delivery of civil works & equipment projects from start to finish
  • • Progress monitoring and status reporting of construction projects, equipment, deliveries and installations
  • • Technical evaluation, delivery, installation and initial start-up/monitoring of new and refurbished equipment and machinery
  • • Warranty on infrastructure, installations, equipment and annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for required periods
  • • Hiring, training and certification of employees working onsite or operating any newly installed equipment
Setting up of Telemedicine Facilities

We along with our partner hospital have taken the plunge in proliferating diagnosis and treatment services through tele-medicine supported by our associated world class accredited hospitals.
  • • Consultancy services and expertise for setting up of hospital and diagnostic centers
  • • Best human resources to establish the healthcare sector
  • • Upgrade and modernize the existing diagnostic center and hospitals
  • • Provide modern equipment to undertake all the diagnostic tests
  • • Provide adequate paramedical staff for optimal operations of the medical center
  • • Establish a central collection hub in the city and setup collection points for diagnostic center throughout the country
Establishment of Super Specialty Hospital

We aim to support the medical treatment procedures by setting up hospitals and bringing in the latest super specialty technology for treatments of the common man.
  • • Establish state-of-the-art super specialty hospital
  • • Bring in the best human resources for modernizing the healthcare sector
  • • Upgrade and modernize the existing diagnostic centers and hospitals
  • • Provide adequate & well trained paramedical staff for optimal operations of the medical center
  • • Establish a central collection hub for diagnostic in the heart of the city and setup collection points for diagnostic centers throughout the country
Supply of Medical Equipment

From patient care to the latest healthcare equipment, Heal'&'Bliss has everything to serve the healthcare sector. We are authorized representative of various International and Indian brands having wide range of world class quality hospital equipment and provide assistance to find the best quality, new and refurbished medical equipment in the industry at the best prices. We participate in the local tenders for supplies of the medical equipment.
    We provide:
  • • Surgical equipment
  • • Lab and hospital consumables
  • • Instruments
  • • Clinical instruments
  • • Disposables
  • • Hospital furniture

We provide healthcare delivery solutions to remote and otherwise inaccessible areas.

Services are available in the following categories:

Mobile field hospitals, clinics, containerized hospitals, trailer hospitals, boat clinics and ship hospitals, mobile health units, mobile laboratory units, mobile disaster units, mobile surgical clinics, mobile (MRI/CT) units, mobile dental units, patient transport ambulances, advanced life support ambulances.
Supply & Setting up of Pharmaceuticals Industry

We offer exclusive DGCI approved pharmaceutical products:
  • • Largest range of molecules
  • • Excellent packing at competitive prices
  • • Monopoly rights, to market on Franchisee/ PCD BASIS
  • • Complete range of therapeutic segments
  • • Established brands
  • • Contract manufacturing and 3rd party manufacturing
  • Our areas of efficiency:
  • • Procurement & supply of drugs and allied products at the most economical prices
  • • Getting the drugs manufactured in India as outsourced facility
  • • Facilitating the establishment of drug manufacturing units
  • • Meet your requirements in generic, branded allopathic and herbal medicines
  • • Supply of the pharmaceutical manufacturing and other equipment
  • • Supply of other logistic services like manpower, to name a few
We provide 3 levels in the program important for disease prevention and health maintenance:
  • • Primary Prevention: Includes interventions that can completely prevent the disease among the people who are at risk. Example: immunization against certain vaccine preventable diseases such as polio.
  • • Secondary Prevention: Identifies established risk factors of diseases to find abnormal results so that effective interventions can be initiated to prevent serious diseases from developing.
  • • Performing Pap test for cervical cancer is an example.
  • • Tertiary Prevention: Includes the process for optimizing health once a disease has been diagnosed. An example is a management plan to prevent a person from having another heart attack.